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Online Psychology Degrees

Online Psychology Degrees can be obtained fairly easily with a little guidance. Once you decide what specific field of psychology you would like to go in to, then that will help you narrow your choices down a bit more. There are Online Psychology Degrees in Child Psychology, Counseling, neuro-psychology, and …

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Avoid Bad Words…Even mistakes!

Have you confused the words “beach” and “bitch” and “sheet” and “shit?” That can be embarrassing! OK, here’s how to fix the error: First, don’t just assume that the first vowel is longer and the second one is shorter. It sometimes sounds that way, but technically that’s not the main …

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Never stop practicing Your English!

1. Pick a topic that you can speak about for three to four minutes. Record yourself giving this speech. Listen to the recording and write down all of the errors that you have heard in your speech. Then, re-record the same speech, and try to correct the mistakes that you …

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