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Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Have you ever read an article or book, and you just could not understand for the life of you what the author was talking about? If so don’t worry this is a problem for native and foreign speakers alike. The issue is that you have no problem reading the words on the page, but the overall meaning of the passage just isn’t clear. This just means that you do not comprehend what was written.


Comprehend means to understand and comprehension a most essential skill to learn. What’s the point in reading words if there is no meaning? American Accent Training is going to give you some reading comprehension tips to help you understand what you are reading:

  1. Read through quickly without using a dictionary the first time, and underline the words you don’t know. It is important not to use the dictionary because then you miss out on what we call context clues. Many times in any language when you read something, you don’t understand all of the words. When this happens you don’t always use the dictionary because when you read the other words around it, you can guess the meaning of the words that you missed. Being able to gather clues from the words you do know is very important for reading comprehension.
  1. Read the passage again using the dictionary, and summarize each paragraph with one sentence. Summarize means to give a basic meaning of each paragraph. It may be difficult to summarize with just one sentence, but using this is a great method to ensure that you understand what you are reading.
  1. Read it AGAIN! This time you will summarize the whole passage. I know it seems fairly time consuming but these steps will really improve your reading as long as you stay dedicated.

By summarizing everything you have to understand what you have been doing. You’ve read the passage three times each time going deeper into what you’ve been reading. Another benefit to this method is that by reading it repeatedly, you are learning vocabulary, idioms and phrases that you will never forget. With every time you practice you are improving and cutting down on your reading time because you remember these words and phrases. It may seem frustrating in the beginning, but stay focused; never give up and you will guarantee your success!

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