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Learn English Fast

It can be difficult to learn English fast because of the various rules and exceptions, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Listening to spoken English and constant repetition is important in remembering words in English. You must make English a daily part of you life if you want to speak quickly and with efficiency.

  • Learn the Alphabet. Write the letters individually on index cards. Practice saying the letters and even have a friend quiz you.
  • Watch videos in English with subtitles.
  • Tape yourself speaking English and practice along with your videos. You could even be creative and make a movie or small sitcom in English. This will also allow you to look back on the progress that you make.
  • Speak English as often as possible. It’s OK to make mistakes, but the key is to keep going so that you can learn English fast and efficiently.

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  1. hi,
    I love learning English,therefor everyday even behind the wheel in the car,I choose an item and try to speak about,for example job interview about Architecture or reading novels specially those that been read by me in Farsi (my mother tongue).

  2. i want to learn fastly understanding native speakers.

  3. I want to speak english fluently

  4. nice to learn from your wepside

  5. I want to learn american english

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