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What Is The TOEFL

TOEFL is short for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. The test is used to assess a person’s proficiency in English on reading, writing, speaking and listening. This is usually needed or required from a person whose first language is not English who is planning to enroll in an American or an English-speaking university. Some government offices, licensing bodies, businesses and scholarship programs also require the score of this test. Workers who are also applying for a visa to an English speaking country may also need to take this test. The score you will get in your TOEFL will only be valid for two years, given that a person’s proficiency in English will be different by then. So if your score was taken from a test you took more than two years ago, you would have to take it again if you need your TOEFL score for something. Most of the time, only updated or recent scores are valid.

More and more people are looking into taking this test because English is becoming an important skill especially in the globalization of everything now. With the easy access of being able to reach out to the majority of the world, English is the most used foreign or second language. The TOEFL score is used to evaluate how well one uses and understands English. Of course, the higher your score, the better. Taking this test seriously is very important since it can and will determine your future.

You should also know that there are two versions of TOEFL exams, one is the written test PBT or paper based test) and the other one is the TOEFL iBT or the TOEFL taken via the internet. It is definitely more convenient and cheaper to take since it will eliminate any board and lodging expense, air fare and daily transportation, food allowance and other miscellaneous expenses. If you are considering the internet test, make sure that you check if the institution or the country you are applying a visa for would accept a TOEFL iBt score. Do your research and find out all necessary details so that your time and energy will not go to waste.

There are actually other English tests but TOEFL is considered to be the most accurate in terms of assessing a candidate’s proficiency in English on reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is because the examination gives out practical examples; most of the time specific to what the student will use it for. Today, even regular employees take it upon themselves to get a good score in this test so that they can improve their English and be able to impress their employer and make their resumes more impressive.

So review for your TOEFL and get a good score by doing activities that increase your English reading and listening speed skills, improving on your listening and reading comprehension and improving your English vocabulary and grammar. Remember to practice it outside your school and using more practical examples in class so you can use it with your friends too.

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