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English vocabulary and how you can Improve

There are several ways to increase your English vocabulary. Here are a few tips on how to begin.

  • When you have time look up new words in the dictionary to study the definition and then look up those words in your thesaurus so that you get a full understanding of its connotations. Be sure to memorize these vocabulary words and use them at least three times a day for the next two weeks in writing and speech. The best thing to do to learn English vocabulary is to carry a pocket dictionary and thesaurus around with you.


  • Completing crossword puzzles from the newspaper or from a puzzle book will help familiarize you with new English vocabulary words. It wouldn’t hurt to use your dictionary/thesaurus for puzzle as well to help you learn English vocabulary.


  • If you learn English vocabulary words and share them with your friends, you can begin to teach each other. It’s always good to have the support of others, and you never know what new English vocabulary your friends will have to share.

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