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Speak Fluent English

How can I speak fluent English? This is one of the many questions asked by people who are attempting to conquer English as a secondary language. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your English speaking skills:

Practice is the key to fluency; practice where you can, when you can. Any practice is good, whether the person you are speaking to is native or not. It is important to build your confidence; don’t be shy. Start with simple sentences, and speak with the English that you already know. Use words and phrases that you know in new situations. Native English speaker are more likely to correct you is you use the wrong word than if you use the wrong grammar. This way of experimenting is helpful with vocabulary and is a great way to get proper feedback. Try to respond to what people say to you in English, even if the person speaking to you is speaking a different language.

Make sure your responses are as natural as possible. Often time’s people will try to translate from their own language, and this takes lots of time not to mention it makes their speech more hesitant. If you forget a word, don’t freak out, it happens all the time. Do what native English speakers do and say things that “fill” the conversation (uh, um). This is better than keeping completely silent, and at least the person will know that you are thinking about what you want to say. You can even just be honest and say, “I forgot the word” the person you are speaking to may be able to help you complete your thought.

Don’t speak too fast. When speaking fluent English having a natural rhythm is very important. If you speak too fast it will be difficult for people to understand you. Try to relax. When you speak at a normal speed you will discover that many pronunciation skills, such as linking between words will happen automatically.

Remember to speak fluent  English you should:

  1. More practice brings more confidence.
  2. Be as natural as possible, relax.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  4. Don’t speak too fast.

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  1. i want to learn and speak fluent english.

  2. Please help to find a free book how to learn n speak english

  3. I know u can help me how to speak fluent english

  4. I dont know what comment

  5. Sid Ali Mohamed

    I want to speak english fluently . Thanks a lot.

  6. i need to learn english but i dont have enough time can u help me to learn oneline please

    • Hi Armel. I studied in OM personal. I know little English. It is difficult learn something when i don’t have the time. But this web is good.

  7. Everythings above are So right… That happens to me everytime! I forgot one word. & just i got frikin out! But you know… im a honnest person Is not hard to me say ‘I dont remember the word’ And You are right.. Effectively they star to correct me 😉

  8. hi
    I wanna learn fluently speaking… I have american accent training book and most of the time I started it and continue to some pages but after a while I got bored and try not to continue it…
    some years ago for the first time in my life I participate Ielts certification exam… It was difficult but I guess for the first time my score was nit bad,,,right?(Academic 6.5)…
    But now..I think that I forgot English and anything related to second language…will I need to learn it again from the first step? What should I have to do?

  9. that right!!!! I used to speak very fast, and people were like “what! i cant hear u” …. that hurts me alot T_T….. but now i know my mistake and still working on speaking more slowly :p ………… Been practiced for (probably) 1 month .. HOPE i can speak Engish fluently @.@

    • I really feel terrible when I saw the face of people #@$ . My problem is that I speak very fast and they can’t understand me…. I will try to speak slow thank !!

  10. i need speak fulently

  11. Hmm…I’ve been in the U.S almost 4 years. and …Remember to speak fluent English you should:

    More practice brings more confidence.
    Be as natural as possible, relax.
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
    Don’t speak too fast…
    All of these are just my mistakes…I’m not confident and am too shy…I easily get nervous….I’m afraid to make mistakes..and I’m nervous I speak just so fast….
    ….Do you think it’s late to fix my mistakes?…I’m in college now :-s

  12. I need speak English fluent and without accent!!! I follow most the tips above… but because my name, people think that I am a native or something… And sometimes I get so frustrated because I feel that some people expect more that I can offer, for example, when I try explain something… my vocabulary is poor.

  13. I want to progress speaking efficiency on English

  14. i need to speak and understand, fluently what i can do even i did n,t spiel word exactly what i have to do for

  15. please help me to improve my english..

  16. hi everyone, i want to speak fluently in english but can’t speak pls anyone can help me

  17. Native English speaker are more likely to correct you is you use the wrong word than if you use the wrong grammar. (I think in this sentence should be ” Native English speakers are more likely to correct you if you used the wrong word and grammar)

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