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4 Common Mistakes Made By Native Arabic Speakers

While living in Cairo Egypt and having been exposed to various Arabic -English accents; I have begun to notice a trend of very common mis-pronunciation patterns. Below is a chart of some of the most common mistakes made by native Arabic speakers.
I have also embedded a video that gives very good examples on the different in accent and where the emphasis should be placed wile using English words in order to speak more fluently and sounds more natural like a native American English speaker. These problems are due to the fact that the speech rules in English aren’t always clear especially when one is used to speaking Arabic.

Commonly Mistaken Sound

Correct Pronunciation

Incorrect Pronunciation

1. TH

Thanks, with, another

Zankes, wizz, anozer

2. ed

World, learned

worl-ed, lear-ned

3. es



4. p




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  1. Thank You so much. That was really helpful .

  2. Great! can i find any of those videos on youtube? to learn more thank you 🙂

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