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3 Easy Ways to End a Conversation

Do you know how to end a conversation? If not, in this article we will address 3 simple ways to end a conversation naturally and effortlessly:

1. “We’ll, it was really nice talking to you.”

With this phrase you can end a conversation and the other person will reciprocate with something similar in agreeance or they will say the same thing-
Response: “Yes it was…” or “I was nice talking to you too.”

2. “So, lets talk again soon?”

When using this phrase you can use it as an infinitive or you can also use it as a question which gives the opportunity to the other person for easy reciprocation or an easier response.
Response: “Sure.” Or ” I would love to.”

3. “Look, I have to run…”

This phrase is really effective at abruptly ending a conversation politely and giving an explanation.
“Look, I have to run, but I would love to meet up again sometime soon.”

This would be really effective for guys who would like to ask a female that you just met out on date but don’t know how.
Just act as if you are busy, say, ” Look, I have to run, but I would love to continue this conversation… maybe over coffee or lunch?
Great! Just write your number here (Or enter it in my phone)

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