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What not to say during a Job interview

The three topics to avoid during an interview, especially in American job seeking culture and they are as follows: 1. Anything negative about your current or past job, boss or supervisor. Even if you are having problems, refrain from saying anything negative. Instead, focus on the positive. You might even …

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3 Easy Ways to End a Conversation

Do you know how to end a conversation? If not, in this article we will address 3 simple ways to end a conversation naturally and effortlessly: 1. “We’ll, it was really nice talking to you.” With this phrase you can end a conversation and the other person will reciprocate with …

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NonVerbal Communication

Effective communication is necessary both personally and professionally, this also includes nonverbal communication. According to research, most of our communication is portrayed through nonverbal communication. Understanding nonverbal communication can help you express what you mean, build better relationships, get through challenging situations, and help you connect with others. Nonverbal communication, …

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